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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I check in early?

The short answer is, maybe.   

The best way to find out is to come into HogsHead Lounge when you're ready to check in and ask if early check-in is available. 

If there hasn't been a guest in the room you have reserved the night before you arrive, and IF we were able to complete all of the preparations for that room before the regular check-in time of 3pm, then YES, you can likely check in early.  This statement is not a guarantee, however, because sometimes there are extenuating circumstances beyond our control. 

Since The Rafters B&B is above a Cigar Lounge, does the B&B smell like smoke? 

If you were unaware, there is a Cigar/Whiskey Lounge on the first floor of this building, which is where our guests must check in upon arrival. We have taken MANY steps to try to ensure that the 2nd and 3rd floors of this building do not smell like cigar smoke. 

Each floor is on a separate HVAC system, and each B&B suite has an individual mini-split unit.  Because of this separation, there is no way for smoke to travel around the building via a duct system.

We have placed a Rabbit Air filtration system in the foyer of the B&B, just outside the Lounge access door to help eliminate any smoke that exits the Lounge when our guests come and go. 

We change/clean the filters of both the HVAC units and the Rabbit Air filter regularly. 

We have placed foam sealer around the connecting door between the B&B foyer and the Lounge to help mitigate smoke leaving the Lounge when the door is closed.  The cracks around the transom window and even the keyhole of the door have all been sealed. 

However, that connecting door does open when guests enter or leave the Lounge.  So occasionally smoke does leave the lounge and enter the foyer, and sometimes a hint even wafts up the stairwell.  So yes, occasionally, our guests may smell a hint of smoke in the common areas. 

The bottom line is, if you are allergic to smoke; you loathe the smell of any kind of smoke; or you are repulsed by the idea of having to enter an establishment that allows smoking to check in to your room, you should choose to stay somewhere else. 

When is the best time to visit Hermann?

Any time is a good time to visit Hermann!  

Please note, however, that on Mondays and Tuesdays HogsHead Lounge, as well as a few other restaurants and businesses in town are closed.  Many of our wonderful business establishments are family owned and operated, so take a day or two off at the beginning of the week.  Additionally, a few businesses close and take their personal vacations during the Winter months.  For more information about where to shop or dine during your visit, please go to

Is the Rafters B&B an AirB&B? 

AirBnB is a company through which people can list their property for nightly rental.  VRBO is another such company.  These types of companies are collectively called OTAs, or Online Travel Agencies.  OTAs are online companies whose websites allow consumers to book various travel related services directly via Internet. They are 3rd party agents reselling trips, hotels, cars, flights, vacation packages etc. The fees and/or commissions that the OTAs take to list and rent properties is a large percentage of the overall rental cost. For that reason, and many others, we will not list The Rafters B&B on AirBnB, Tripadvisor, Expedia, VRBO, or any other OTA. 

Some features we offer at The Rafters B&B  that  you typically won't enjoy at an AirBnB property:

  • We are fully licensed, inspected by the local Heath Department, and meet all codes and safety requirements. 

  • The innkeepers live on site so if there is an emergency,  we are available.

  • When your stay is complete and you're ready to check out, there is not an additional fee for housekeeping, nor will our guests be required to remove the sheets from the bed, do their own dishes, or other housekeeping.  You are here on vacation, and as a paying guest will not be required to do extra work. 

In the future if you see a property you'd like to rent on one of the OTAs, please take a minute of extra time to look up the information to contact that property directly to place your reservation---the innkeeper (who is a small business owner) will be very appreciative.  

Can I bring my dog or pet to the B&B? 

Because of potential allergies of current and future guests, we do not allow anyone to bring pets.     

May I bring my child/baby to stay at the B&B? 

Occasionally someone asks, "our child/baby co-sleeps with us and won't need an extra bed, so can they stay with us?".  

Many of our guests visit Hermann as an escape from their busy lives, and are looking to have a child-free getaway.  To respect this desire of many of our guests, and because the B&B is located above an establishment that serves alcohol and tobacco products, we do not allow ANY guests under the age of 21. 

Where can I park? 

 Street parking is available anywhere you find an open spot.  

Can you pick us up at the Amtrak train station?

Absolutely! We are happy to pick up our guests from the Amtrak station.  Please email or call a few days ahead of arrival to arrange pick up. 

What is the walking distance from The Rafters to popular local destinations? 

These are approximate walking distances and times as calculated by Google Maps: 

The Amtrak Train Station-- 3.5 blocks, 6 minute walk

Fernweh Distilling Company/Restaurant-- 2 blocks, 3 minute walk

Hermanhof Winery-- 4 blocks, 7 minute walk

Tin Mill Brewing-- 2.5 blocks, 4 minute walk

The Wurst Haus-- 3 blocks, 5 minute walk

Doxie Slush--  2.5 blocks, 4 minute walk

Harvest Table Restaurant-- 1.5 blocks, 2 minute walk

UnColor Wine & Dessert Bar--  1.75 blocks, 3 minute walk

1837 Bar-- 2 blocks, 4 minute walk

4th Street Pizza-- 1.75 blocks, 3 minute walk

Stone Hill Winery--1.3 miles, 26 minute walk (or just a couple of minutes by Trolley)

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