Frequently Asked Questions

Can I check in early?

The short answer is, maybe.   

The best way to find out is to come into HogsHead Lounge when you're ready to check in and ask if early check-in is available. 

If there hasn't been a guest in the room you have reserved the night before you arrive, and IF we were able to complete all of the preparations for that room before the regular check-in time of 3pm, then YES, you can likely check in early.  This statement is not a guarantee, however, because sometimes there are extenuating circumstances beyond our control. 

Can I bring my dog or pet to the B&B? 

Because of potential allergies of current and future guests, we do not allow anyone to bring pets.   

By law, and in accordance with the ADA  title II and III regulations, we are required to accept overnight guests who have a disability and require a service dog. We are not required to accept emotional support, therapy, comfort, companion animals, or service-animals-in-training. If you have any questions about this, please contact us: 573-486-2035.


May I bring my child/baby to stay at the B&B? 

Occasionally someone asks, "our child/baby co-sleeps with us and won't need an extra bed, so can they stay with us?".  

Many of our guests visit Hermann as an escape from their busy lives, and are looking to have a child-free getaway.  To respect this desire of many of our guests, and because the B&B is located above an establishment that serves alcohol, we do not allow ANY guests under the age of 21. 

Where can I park? 

There is not dedicated parking available for the B&B. Street parking is available anywhere you find an open spot.  

Can you pick us up at the Amtrak train station?

Absolutely! We are happy to pick up our guests from the Amtrak station.  Please email or call a few days ahead of arrival to arrange pick up. 

What is the walking distance from The Rafters to popular local destinations? 

These are approximate walking distances and times as calculated by Google Maps: 

The Amtrak Train Station-- 3.5 blocks, 6 minute walk

Fernweh Distilling Company/Restaurant-- 2 blocks, 3 minute walk

Hermanhof Winery-- 4 blocks, 7 minute walk

Tin Mill Brewing-- 2.5 blocks, 4 minute walk

The Wurst Haus-- 3 blocks, 5 minute walk

Doxie Slush--  2.5 blocks, 4 minute walk

Harvest Table Restaurant-- 1.5 blocks, 2 minute walk

UnColor Wine & Dessert Bar--  1.75 blocks, 3 minute walk

1837 Bar-- 2 blocks, 4 minute walk

4th Street Pizza-- 1.75 blocks, 3 minute walk

Stone Hill Winery--1.3 miles, 26 minute walk

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