The Rafters B&B

Guest Policies



Check-in is any time after 3pm. Check-Out time is 11am.



Local fire code and our insurance policy mandate maximum occupancy of 2 persons per room.

No pets, no guests under 21 years of age, nor any smoking allowed in the B&B rooms on the 2nd or 3rd floors at any time.


Smoking Policy

Smoking (cigarettes, e-cigarettes, vaping, cigars, pipes, etc), and lighting candles or incense are not permitted in any of the rooms or common areas on the 2nd or 3rd floors of the building.

The ONLY places smoking is permitted are in the Lounge on the first floor (Cigars & Pipes only), during normal business hours, or on the patio outside. 

Guests who do not respect the no smoking policy will be charged $350 for cleaning and smoke removal and will be asked to leave the property without a refund.


Guest Obligation Policy

The occupancy of a room and use of the premises shall not be in a manner that disturbs the other guests, nor the local residents. Quiet(er) time is to be observed between 10:30pm and 7:30am, please. We, the owners/operators, reserve the right to terminate the agreement and ask overly disruptive guests to vacate the property, at which time all monies will be forfeited by the occupant/guest.


The guest also has the obligation to ensure:

  • That s/he does not render any part of the B&B insecure (i.e. leave a door or window unlocked or un-secure)

  • That s/he does not cause a fire

  • That s/he complies with directions and notices posted inside the B&B

  • That s/he obeys all federal, state, and city laws and ordinances


Additional Fees for Damages

Guest agrees to be responsible for any and all damages and/or excessive cleaning fees.



Please refer to the information card in your room for the WiFi access code.

Although we do provide internet access for our guests, we are not responsible for any outages and do not guarantee that WiFi will be available during your stay. 


Continental Breakfast

Coffee, bagels, breakfast biscuits, oatmeal packets, cereal, fruit, granola bars, milk, juice, yogurt, and other assorted items are available for breakfast—please feel free to look around the common area on the 2nd floor and in the kitchenette area of the 3rd floor. Coffee is provided in those areas for you to brew at your convenience. Freshly baked scones are available in the common area on the 2nd floor for the Balcony and Loft guests, and to the  serving table just outside the Tower Suite door for the guests of that suite by 7:30am each morning.  


Your Room

Each guest suite is equipped with individual Heat/AC units. They are automatically set to 68 degrees year round. Please follow the instructions in the room if you desire to adjust the base temperature. Because individual room temperatures vary and each guest may prefer it warmer or cooler, there are also ceiling fans, small electric fireplaces, and an extra blanket in each room.

Each guest suite also has a television, which is equipped with Roku.  The Roku system will allow guests to log onto their personal subscription services (such as Hulu, Prime, Disney, etc), and offers multiple free channels to watch news, weather, and movies.



Due to the guest's request for privacy, daily housekeeping is not provided. However, if you need something such as fresh towels, extra coffee, etc, please write it on the whiteboard located in the first floor foyer, or contact the innkeeper. 

 If you have a housekeeping emergency, please call us for immediate assistance.

The innkeeper's mobile number is located in each guest suite. 

Cancellation Policy

We do take full payment in advance when a reservation is made, and as such we agree to provide the room you requested and all related services on the reserved dates. We decline all subsequent reservation requests and do not overbook. In turn, by making the reservation, you agree to abide by our rules of occupancy and to pay for your room reservation.

That being said, we do understand that sometimes things happen and plans change.

If your plans change, please notify us as quickly as possible. This provides us the best opportunity to re-book your room.

If you must cancel your reservation:

14 days or more in advance--you will receive a full refund, minus a $45.00 handling fee (this is the fee the credit card company charges us for issuing a refund of any kind). 

Fewer than 14 days in advance--you will not receive a full refund.

However, if we are able to re-book the room you had reserved, you will receive a 50% refund, minus a $45.00 handling fee.


Thank you! Have a wonderful stay in Hermann!

Innkeeper:  Colleen Murphy